Monday, 14 November 2016

You Triieeeddd It

So you remember how I said I've basically been mad busy, yeah? Well, when  need to breathe, I overdose on some shows. Well The real is one of them. The hosts of the show are everything. Those girls are the realest with very different personalities, just like Night and Day! They laugh, they cry and talk about Everything! Tamera is so sweet, Adrienne is the sexy one, Loni is so funny and Jeanie Mai is the fashionista with mom-tales for dayyyss! I was bummed when Tamar Braxton got the boot, but I guess it is what it is. I mean, I get that she can be a little razz but I thought razz is the new cool (ask Jenifa fans). Anyway, I miss all her catch phrases like: You trrriiieeed it! Won't he do it! Get your life! And the way she smacks her lips when talking? Too funny. She is definitely something.

Their Take On Settling In Relationships

Jeannie’s Biggest Fear


Crazy Things They've Done For Love


Who You Vent To

How Often Do You Wash Your Bras (how often do you guys wash your bras?)

The Hardest Part of Being Married

PMS Is Real

Tamar's You Trrrieeed It

Now that I've loaded you with some juice, lets move on.

You know when you stumble on a show you detest, watch for a while, promise yourself "never again" then go back to over and over again? No? Y'all wana play that game?  Fine, it's just me then. I started watching the Jojo Fletcher season of Bachelorette and as much as I complained incessantly about this show, I didn't stop watching. My excuse for watching was my 2016 crush, Wells Adams even though I didn't stop watching after he was evicted. Oh the pain when he was evicted from the show. *sniff* I mean, have you seen Wells? Plus, he has dimples! How can my poor heart say "no"? How? I mean look at him

The show was so chaotic though. I will not even waste time on how dramatic and vile Hurricane Chad was on the show. Waste of breath really. I have already judged myself for watching so it's okay if you judge me too. I even saw Bachelors in Paradise where some of the evictees on Bachelors/Bachelorette from various seasons were put together. It was crazy. I even went as far as watching After Paradise. Yeah, colour me crazy. I really like the host of After Paradise, comedienne, Michelle Collins. She's so funny. Wells was the best part of this boring season and nope, I will not watch any more seasons. (Amen!)

En en, lets talk about a real problem I have. I started watching Greys Anatomy a long time ago, got bored after the plane crash that killed little Grey and McSteamy and stopped watching. Then I heard McDreamy died and wanted to have a fit so I went back to watching. Now I'm on season 13 and can't seem to stop. Epp me please. Someone needs to stop me. I need help honestly. I can't seem to help myself.

I sometimes binge-watch TV series too. Listen, anything that runs for 20mins max, is extremely silly, makes me laugh and snot is bae. I really like Life in Pieces. I don't mind Big Bang Theory (I'd like to meet a real Sheldon Cooper. He was my mental picture of Don TIllman in the Rosie Project and the Rosie Effect books). I was, however tricked into watching Banshee (side eyes @singlenigerian), Stranger Things (I really loved the kids in this), and The Night of. I'm enjoying Power though (I really love the theme song).

What are you guys watching?
Kisses xoxo

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

OK, Fine!

I blame Cherrywine for this recent hiatus. She was supposed to be my ginger for the 30days challenge, but seeing as she's awol herself, feel free to bite her.

When I posted the 30days challenge, I wasn't specific about how it was going to unfold, I mean I posted the first one on the 5th of October. I figured that clued you in about how unconventional this would be. Anyway, I didn't take a really good look at that list of prompts and when I posted it but when I actually went through the list, some of them were quite shallow. I mean, do you seriously want to know 5 ways you could win my heart or 5 guys I find attractive? I don't think you are interested in that (or are you? Please let me know). If you've been reading this space for a while, you probably have an idea of d kinda guys I like anyway. Check here and here. And just listing 10 things that make me happy would be too ordinary. We should try to strive for amazing, no?

Ultimately, I think I've kind grown and evolved (OMG I'm getting old!) and I like to write with a little more depth anyway. Don't be fooled though, I'm still goofy. Interestingly, I have been writing a whole lot more, I'm just not uploading them yet. I still have gist for days (You know how drama seems to follow me around). I apparently haven't lost my writing mojo, life has just gotten a little busy is all and I also struggle a with how much to share with you my lovelies without giving too much away yet (Peering (mostly) at all you monitoring spirits over the top of my imaginary glasses. I see you).

I have been working on a project or two which are proving to be, of course interesting, but stressful as well and they have basically been taking most of my time. I'm legit exhausted from chasing resources up and down, but I'm still kicking. My life is also changing and I envisage even more change within the next couple of years. I'm looking forward to all of it, although I'm a little scared. Good scared though. Trusting God for them all. *in Tamar's voice* Won't He do it!

Before I forget, I have picked up some gems from Online Learning. If you're a fan of free online courses, check out Allison, Cousera and Futurelearn. They have some amazing courses and you can learn stuff at your own pace. Futurelearn doesn't shut down even after the course is over so you can always go back for refreshers, interact with other learners and download materials.

On to more important stuff *tongue in cheek* I have been thirsting after wedges recently. I'm usually a flats girl, but for some reason, wedges have been giving me sleepless nights. I'm serious! Check out these beautiful babies. 

Belated birthday gifts are definitely a Yes Yes!

By the way, I love to sleep between two pillows, you know, sandwiched typa stuff. Does that make me uhm, never mind. Moving on. I missed you all and I'll always be back. Maybe I should take Lara's advice and post once a month, then go from there. *tongue out to Atilola and Funmi Reese*

Anyways, I'M BACK! *kisses*

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

#30day Writing Challenge

Okay, I know. I know. Just bear with me. So Cherrywine tagged me in a tweet about this 30day writing challenge by a writer Nicole Blades. Nicole Blades suggests writing for 30 minutes non-stop without editing. It's about commitment and consistency. For those who need it, she will tweet out a 1-word prompt every morning on Twitter and you can write your hearts out. I'm not sure about doing Twitter every morning for the word prompt so I might be using another prompt for mine. I found this on google which i think could be useful too so....

I don't know how this would go yet but lets see. I don't want to overthink it so I won't find an excuse not to do it.

So all ye runaway blogger can join in too. I know I'm starting late but here we go

I'll be back

P.S: Are y'all reading Atilola's Journey to Marriage series? You aren't? Oh, you really should.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


So this is going to be a very random post. I know I owe you big, but let me just do this for now, okay? Thank you.
Peek-a-boo :D
So have y'all heard? Single Nigerian is now a Married Nigerian!! And yep, we turnt up!!!! It felt so cool and weird, like I was giving my brother out to my sister (Don't ask. I know it sounds incestuous, but leave it yeah). To think I was sorta kinda there when it started :D Love still exists people. I even found me a cute puppy at the wedding lool. I gave the toast and totally disgraced myself. Again, don't ask. So here's wishing my Friends like family/blood a fantastic married life.

So y'all remember my lover from the "love found me" post? Yeah, I saw him again. I went shopping with a friend at a mall and was waiting in the car when I noticed some guy just leaving the mall with shopping bags. He was staring at me. Each time we had eye contact, I'll notice the guy staring. So I smiled awkwardly in that "guy you're staring" way (because I figured I looked familiar or something). That was how he went "Toooiiiinnn"

I was so shocked because for the life of me, I could not remember who he was. He then went "oh, you don't remember me. How will you? When you no longer pick my calls"

I have to confess here that I'm really bad with calls. I know. I know. My mom raised me better, but please manage me. I'm working on it.

Anyway, I apologised and asked again where we met and that was when he mentioned his name. William McCrazy. Of course! He had grown a beard, probably trying some #BeardGang stizz. After realisation dawned, I legit told him "Ah, yooouuuuuu! Of course I won't pick your calls"
I was with a friend who reads my blog (so he already knew about the guy) and that one just started laughing. I had to harass the McCrazy like guy, why did you do me like that? McCrazy had the guts to tell me it was "love". Please no. Keep your something. I don't want that kind of love, thank you.

He called much later, I didn't pick then he sent an SMS saying he was just checking up. Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

So y'all know John Legend is my bae right? Well, I found another bae and it's Chrissy Teigan. Bring on the threesome! Whooop! I know, I know. I beef her yada yada but you know how there's a thin line between love and hate, well, that line got obliterated in our case. I truly and madly love her. You can blame Lip Sync Battle for this love. And it does help that she has nice breasticles you know. Y'all know breasticles make me happy, doncha? Wait, you didn't? Oh well, now you do *batts lashes*
My new loverrrr
So Happy new year! (dodges shoe)
I think the Igbo's have a saying about the time a person wakes up being the person's morning or something like that so yea, happy new year. Please don't bite me.

The show of love I get on this blog is unreal. This week, I have been badgered from so many angles to blog, it's crazy. Rockstar, you know you're first on the list. This lady begged, cajoled, threatened and darn near dragged me by my chicken hair  (I kid, I kid, but she's mean when she wants to be). Girl, I'm sorry and I promise to try to do better. Luanna, Duru, This Lagos girl, Sykik, Rhapsody, Kelsey, oh, the list is long.

I won't promise to be regular but I can promise that I'll always be back as long as I'm breathing.  I miss this space and I super duper miss you guys. Love you guys.

P.S: Beautiful, did you post something? Cos I saw your new post, rushed to read, but you apparently took it down. Stop teasing girl and come back.
P.P.S: A lot about my life is changing I think, but a lot is remaining same too. I don't know if that made sense.
P.P.P.S: I took a month-long vacation last month, so I don't have any leave days left. Cry with me :(
P.P.P.P.S: That month-long vacation did wonders for my body o! Goodness, several parts of my anatomy have increased and lets just say "Amen" for me. Sykik, I might be leaving you in the club soon mama.